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What is Skrub Hub?

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What is Skrub Hub?

What is Skrub Hub?

Skrub Hub is a perfect online platform that provides an all-in-one cleaning business solution to automate job management, and workflow benefitting you as the cleaning business owner, your cleaners and clients. 

Who is it for?

Skrub Hub is for anyone who belongs and/or wants to be part of the cleaning industry. It has all the features a cleaning business owner needs including its cleaners and clients.

Business Owner – the one who owns, manages and operates the cleaning business.
Cleaner – the one who performs the actual cleaning activities
Client – end customers who are homeowners, facilities managers, property managers, or can be anyone who needs cleaning services

What is a cleaning business software?

Cleaning business software is an online tool for cleaning business owners, staff, and clients to manage the overall operations of the cleaning service through job management, task handling, client scheduling, staff management and tracking, invoicing, communications and many others.

What makes Skrub Hub unique compared to other business software?

Skrub Hub is the only platform that offers an all-in-one complete solution that does not only offer a job management tool but also offers marketing, training and other operational aspects of a cleaning business needed to make it successful. Skub Hub is built to ensure business owners can concentrate on their clients and not worry about the tedious admin part of the business.

How do I get started with Skrub Hub?

It's easy to get started with Skrub Hub.  Go to BECOME A PARTNER page and select what kind of service you want with Skrub Hub and click Sign Up. If you still need help in signing up, we're more than happy to help you out. Just send us a message through chat, form or call us.

Does Skrub Hub have any system requirements?

All you need to have is a tablet or PC/Mac with internet access.

What is the difference between plans?

We offer 1 FREE plan and 3 Paid Plans.

The FREE Plan includes 10 jobs per month, unlimited users and the Essential Features only.

The Paid Plans are STANDARD, PREMIUM, and ENTERPRISE Plans. Each of which includes Essential features, Unlimited users, Special features, and access to Add-on Services. The only difference between these plans is on the number of jobs allocated per month. The Premium Plan is our most recommended option; imagine getting 150 tasks each month for just $49.


Do I need training to use Skrub Hub?

We designed Skrub Hub to ensure of its ease of use. You don't need to have a vast technical knowledge to use Skrub Hub. In case, you need help, feel free to our resources such as the FAQ and Help Centre to answer few of your queries or better yet reach us through chat, email or call us so we can help you further.

Is Skrub Hub Australian made?

Yes, proudly Australian made.

Does Skrub Hub require any commitments or contracts?

No, you can unsubscribe anytime without any commitment. We do not offer refund to any unused subscription.

What happens after my trial period expires?
Skrub Hub allows you to fully evaluate the software for a trail period of 30 days and then it automatically defaults to a “Free” Pricing Plan.
Who is behind Skrub Hub?
Skrub Hub is conceptualize by people who are in the Cleaning Industry and have seen the need to develop a software that specifically resolves the pains in managing and operating a cleaning business.

Essential Features

Does Skrub Hub have a mobile app?

Due to the massive number of features in Skrub Hub, we thought that creating an app should be available only for cleaners for now. We endeavor to provide mobile apps to all out users in the near future.

Business Owner – Web Application, optimized for PC/Mac and tablet
Cleaners – Mobile App in IOS and Android
Client - Web Application, optimized for PC/Mac and tablet

How many users can I have?

With Skrub Hub, you have the ability to have an unlimited number of users.

Does Skrub Hub have Xero/MYOB/Quickbooks integration?

It also has a built in finance module for those who does not have existing Accounting Apps. Skrub Hub preference is to use Xero for external Accounting Software. We will soon add MYOB and QuickBooks to the list of accounting software you can integrate over to Skrub Hub.

Do clients notified by SMS?
Standard Notifications is via e-mail. If you require a notification via SMS, please contact Skrub Hub Support for more details.
What if I have more than 100 staff?

Number of users is unlimited. Select the appropriate pricing plan that meets your business transaction based on the jobs you schedule for each month.

Do I need to have Xero?
You do not need to have a Xero or other accounting software. It also has a built in finance module for those who does not have existing Accounting Apps. Skrub Hub preference is to use Xero for external Accounting Software.
Where does the data resides?

We value privacy of our clients so we ensure that your personal information is only saved and can only be access in Australia.

Special Features

What are the Special Features?

Refer to the SkrubHub Pricing for the complete list.

What is the Schedule a Cleaner feature?

Schedule a Cleaner is a booking service under the Scheduling and Dispatching feature of Skrub Hub, wherein the clients themselves can book a cleaning service with their preferred date and time and the Skrub Hub system will then provide available cleaning service providers within the client's preferred location.

Am I included on the "Find a Cleaner" list even though I'm on free subscription?

Subscribers on a Free Plan are also included in the list.

What happen if there's no cleaning service in my area?

Unfortunately, no cleaning service providers will see your request. We encourage you to register your details to Skrub Hub so we can notify you once a cleaning service provider in your area becomes available.

How can I be sure the cleaner can be trusted?

The cleaning service provider should be able to vet for their own cleaners they engage. Contact them directly if you have specific query on the cleaner credentials.

Why should I use Schedule a Cleaner feature?

The Schedule a Cleaner service allows you to have several choices of cleaning service providers available in your area and you will have visibility on ratings & other customers' feedback on their services. The system assures that the service provider list showing up on your preferred date and time has the availability on their roster.

How can Skrub Hub help with my marketing?

For one, just subscribe to any of our plans and you're eligible to be listed on our "Schedule a Cleaner" service where your company will be listed whenever someone books their service in your service area.

For our paid plan partners, you are eligible to show up on our banner or number one on our list whever you have an ongoing promotion. 

Scrub Hub will help you grow your business via content and social media marketing, which is already available as an add-on option for subscribers of the STANDARD, PREMIUM, and ENTERPRISE plans.

Can I advertise my promotion on free subscription?

Free subscription only offers essential features; this does not include the marketing services, which are only available for subscribers of either STANDARD, PREMIUM, and ENTERPRISE plans.

Can I ask Skrub Hub to help me with my website?

Yes, one of the benefits of subscribing to one of our paid plans is the convenience of having a Website Development service as an add-on service at a generously discounted rate. This will guarantee that you have a high-quality website that will help you promote your cleaning business far more successfully.

Can Skrub Hub help me with my social media?

This will be an add-on service offered to subscribers under paid plans. The team from Skrub Hub will connect you to our Technical partners who will be able to help with your social media needs. This can be from assistance in marketing your cleaning company on social media, the initial creation of the campaign to the promotion of the content and making conversions.

Is the promotion and advertising free?
Basic marketing is included in all subscription plans. However, Premium Marketing options are only available for the paid plans.


Can I import my existing customer over to Skrub Hub?
There is no direct import of existing customer over to Skrub Hub at this time. Please contact Skrub Hub Support for data conversion services.
Does Skrub Hub have data security in place?

Skrub Hub implements a comprehensive cyber security measure and mitigation strategy to ensure the security and privacy of customer data.

Can I create customised invoice and quotes?

Yes, you can create your own customized invoiced and quote with your own logo on it. Please check out our Help Centre page for the procedure on how to set it up or contact Skrub Hub Support for set-up assistance.

How do I add my staff?

Refer to our Help Centre page (Adding Cleaners) or contact Skrub Hub Support for assistance.

Does Skrub Hub offer set up assistance?
How do you count the number of Jobs?
The numbers of jobs are counted on scheduled jobs on your calendar.
Do you have any email templates I can use?

Standard e-mail templates are available. Check our Help Centre page on how to set it up or contact our Skrub Hub Support.

Do you have any invoice and quote templates I can use?

Standard invoice and quote templates are available. Check our Help Centre page on how to set it up or contact our Skrub Hub Support.


Where can I find billing information?

After signing in, you should be able to see them under the Accounts and then the Billing tab.

How much does Skrub Hub cost?

Refer to the subscription plans in SkrubHub Pricing. We have a Free Pricing plan you can take advantages if you are a single trader (owner-cleaner), new migrants and low income people to get into the cleaning Business with ease. We also offer the STANDARD plan for $19, a PREMIUM plan for $49, and an ENTERPRISE plan for $49, each of which includes Essential features, unlimited users, special features, and add-on services. The sole difference between these plans was the monthly fee and job inclusions. The Premium Plan is our most recommended option; imagine getting 150 tasks each month for just $49.

What should I do to change my billing information or subscription?

Log in the App, Go to Settings and change your billing information or subscription plans.

Is my credit card information secure?

We don't keep any credit card information. We do use a third party payment gateway called Stripe.

Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, we use the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security at Stripe.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the Unsubscribe button on your the Account tab details.

What is the right plan for me?

That will depend on the number of jobs you will have per month.

The Premium Plan is our most recommended option; imagine getting 150 tasks each month for just $49, which includes Essential features, unlimited users, special features, and add-on services.


Is the subscription paid in advance?


Why is Skrub Hub so cheap compared to other cleaning business software?

It is our mission to empower our users, the disadvantaged and new starters.

We have a Free Pricing plan you can take advantage of if you are a single trader (owner-cleaner), a new migrant and low-income people to get into the cleaning business with ease.

Our pricing point is set so as to allow us to maintain our quality of service and further develop the application, but it is within the budget and is accessible to everyone in the Cleaning Industry.

Empowering your cleaning business, including your cleaners and clients anytime, anywhere with Skrub Hub

Skrub Hub is the only online platform capable of automating your cleaning business with ease, continuously educating and empowering your cleaners and clients, and collaborating productively for the benefit of one another.

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