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Finding cleaning jobs has never been easier

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Easy Cleaning Job Application

Provides an easier way for those who want to do cleaning to earn extra income to apply

GPS Tracking System

Cleaners can track and view their task location in real-time on a map. And can update work statuses instantly

Job Management Dashboard

Job management dashboard displays metrics, stats, and insights that are specific to a particular cleaning project

Easy Search Function*

Skrub Hub values user experience, therefore we make sure our sites are easy to navigate and provide useful information.

Training Resources

Skrub Hub provides training resources for all who want to earn through cleaning

Smart Schedule Management

Colour-coded shift rosters and employee calendars allow for real-time viewing of on-duty and approved time-off schedules.

Job and Payment History

Allows cleaners to easily locate and examine all payments, working activities, and previous clients associated with a single invoice.

Serve Multiple Companies

Skrub Hub serves as a hub so cleaners can look for multiple opportunities from different companies.

FAQ about Find a Cleaning Job Service

Things you need to know before trying out this service

What is the Find a Cleaning Job service?

Individuals who want to make a living from cleaning are provided with opportunities and channels to improve their skills and personality in order to deliver quality services to their clientele.

Why should I use Find a Cleaning Job service?

It will make your life better and easier and more profitable at the same time if you utilize a find a cleaning job service. You will not have to spend much time learning the software since it is quite user-friendly

How does the Find a Cleaning Job service work?

Find a Cleaning Job service works as classified ads for professional cleaners so they can have more clients to handle through various cleaning service providers signed up for Skrub Hub.

Why should I sign up?

Empowering the cleaning community; the business owners, clients and cleaners

Skrub Hub is a powerful online platform not only capable of automating your cleaning business with ease but also educates and empowers your cleaners and clients for a healthy thriving cleaning industry.

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